Why Register for Bonus Blue?

Welcome to Bonus Blue, the new Blue Islands frequent flyer scheme.

Bonus Blue recognises your loyalty to Blue Islands like never before - as we introduce our entire network into the scheme and with reward flights that are totally free, there really is no better scheme with such generous rewards!

That's right, our reward flights are absolutely free with no added taxes or charges to pay. The points system is easy - earn on every flight - redeem on any flight across the entire Blue Islands network and you have two years to spend your points.

You will earn points for every flight you take. Whenever you fly, you'll earn points!

Don't forget, you will need to book your flights through your Bonus Blue account and we will add your points to your account automatically - once you have flown.

It's quick and easy to register online for either a household or business account. Have you joined yet? 

 Register For Bonus Blue