Change your life with Freedom to Fly 

 Guernsey Freedom to Fly

Change your life with Freedom to Fly

Blue Islands is once again offering islanders the chance to attend its Freedom to Fly course to conquer their phobias and enjoy air travel in 2020 and beyond. Freedom to Fly is an intimate course designed by Blue Islands for 20 delegates and proven to help those inhibited with the common fear of flying.

The two-day course provided courtesy of Blue Islands will be held at Guernsey Airport on 14/15 March 2020. Delivered by Blue Islands’ flight training team and international behavioural change coach Mo Harford-Bury, the course consists of one day in the classroom followed by an experience flight on the second day to put what has been learnt into practise. 

Those who took part previously have said it has changed their lives:

Amanda attended the Guernsey course and has since been able to fly without any problems, “I was determined to do this course for my daughter's sake. I want to be able to go on holidays as a family. Even after I booked the course, I thought it was going to be very unlikely I would get on the plane. Saturday was so informative and reassuring. Blue Islands’ training captain was fantastic in explaining the ins and outs of a plane and flying. Mo Harford-Bury was an amazing speaker and really helped me to feel more comfortable about the whole experience.”

Living on an island means not having the confidence to fly can have a big impact on your life. Holidays can be missed out on, work affected and experiences other people take for granted not possible. This two day course will help give you a full understanding of the aviation world, before teaching you how to manage and confront your fears.

Change your life and let Blue Islands and Momentum Training give you the Freedom to Fly.


Guernsey Airport
14/15 March 2020

Includes theory sessions and experience flight

Delivered by highly experience pilots and speakers

(£50 refundable deposit)

Places are strictly limited, apply below by 09 February 2020


Blue Islands' training team will deliver a talk on:

  • Regulation and safety within aviation
  • Training that pilots undertake
  • Understanding how an aircraft works and its safety features
  • What different sounds mean
  • What is happening at each stage of the flight
  • Understanding turbulence
  • Why things happen during a flight

Mo Harford Bury, International Behavioural Change Coach and Trainer from Momentum Training, with 25 years training experience will discuss:

  • What is fear and where does it come from?
  • Why and how it causes us to experience those unpleasant feelings
  • What happens in the brain and body that creates what we experience as fear?
  • How to recognise fear for what it is and let go of the feelings

Day 2 starts with a quick recap session in the classroom to review your learnings and understandings from day one.

Then you will check-in for your scheduled experience flight and proceed thorugh security before boarding the Blue Islands aircraft. The Blue Islands team will join you in the cabin and explain what is happening at each stage of the flight, while Mo will help you recognise what is happening with your bodies and brains.

Following the experience flight there will be a final session to cement the learnings and changes you have made and there will be an opportunity to ask any final questions to the team to help you leave being able to look forward to a flight and book your next holiday.

Start flying with confidence -
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