Located at the previous British Airways ticket centre in the main Departures hall, the Blue Islands Customer Care desk has been a welcome addition since it opened four weeks ago.

The Customer Care desk is open during operating hours to help with anything from flight bookings, to customer queries and to be on hand during times of disruption. 
Blue Islands Managing Director, Rob Veron, recognises the importance of enhanced customer service for passengers.

"Customer Care means a great deal to us at Blue Islands so we are delighted to acquire this infrastructure in Jersey airport to enhance the service our team offer. Over 188,000 passengers travelled with Blue Islands through Jersey airport in 2012 so it is important that we can further support their journey in any way we can."

Jersey Airport are pleased to see the desk being occupied by Blue Islands. Doug Bannister, Group CEO for Ports of Jersey has stated that, "Blue Islands continues to expand the Jersey market, adding new routes and services each year. Their drive for growth and their customer focus makes them a strong partner for Jersey Airport. Therefore, we are delighted to see such a strong presence in our departures terminal with their new facility to provide greater customer service."

Rob Veron is also keen to highlight the importance of Blue Islands commitment to passenger care - "Additional staff have been recruited to the team, including assistants for the executive lounges in Guernsey and Jersey which are subsequently now hosted. The growth of our customer care team is also great news for our transiting passengers to and from Guernsey as a member of the customer care team will be available to guide passengers through immigration. It is important we make travelling through to Guernsey a seamless experience, now more than ever as our new European services are proving very popular." Multi lingual signage is also being used in to further enhance the passenger experience.