On a map Jersey might seem all slim and dainty, but within its shores is a true treasure trove of terrific times – a smorgasbord of Instagram friendly activities which will be sure to get you likes, and stick in your mind for years to come.

And with Blue Islands flying to this most southerly of British isles from Guernsey, Southampton, Bristol and London City, there’s plenty of easy, convenient ways to make Jersey your next holiday – where you can get up to this:

tamba park1

1. Tamba Park

Among the island’s newest attractions, this family-friendly activity centre has quickly cemented itself as a “must do” for locals and visitors alike. Split between an indoor and outdoor area, it’s a come-what-may weather place. Indoors you’ll find the Rainforest Play Area complete with treehouse, zip wire, a giant ball pool and sensory room – giving you hours of sugar-fuelled fun. Outdoors you’ll find crazy golf, mini-remote controlled boats alongside bigger ones you can take to the water on. A big play park, dinosaur trail featuring all your Jurassic Park favourites – they’re massive too – and trampolines, it’s an energy packed day. The restaurant dishes up tasty grub too.

Perhaps the best bit, by far, is the Tamba Zap Zone. Only available as a pre-bookable evening event, this state-of-the art laser tag esq game is a full on battle royale. The 10 000 square foot arena (and to put that into perspective is, according to Google, 6.5 times larger than a hockey pitch or twice the size of Bill Gates’ house) will see you split into teams with areas you must defend with your lives (not true). With the singular aim of deactivating the enemy team players and their base with your Phaser guns, the team with the most points at the end wins, simples. Complete with smoke, lightning and other special effects, this is one heck of a game which allows everyone to play together at once. Nor is it a Hollywood style event with endless rounds of ammunition in your magazine, and along the way you’ll need ammo boxes and health packs to keep going. Lock n load!

jsy escape room

2. Jersey Escape Tunnel

Now for something completely different. The already popular Jersey War Tunnels have added a period drama element to the phenomena sweeping the western world – escape rooms. The pitch: it’s 1943 and Operation Constellation is about to be launched, seeing a team of crack commandos (that’s you) landing on Jersey to break into the War Tunnel. Your mission, which you’ll probably choose to accept seeing as you paid for it, is to access the German Commandants Office and find the locations of the newly constructed fortifications, a task vital for the Allied war effort. Needing Bletchley Park levels of internal deciphering ability, everything is set to a 60 minute countdown to crack the clues and unlock the door to the codes.

3. Sea Sport Centre

Being a small island, the coast is never far away. And while there are many exciting activities for land-lubbers onshore, the biggest playground on offer is out at sea, which cunning entrepreneurs have noticed. Foremost among which is the Jersey Sea Sport centre. Proudly declaring itself among the longest established Jet Ski centres in Europe, one of the top things to do is hire a Jet Ski for an escorted tour along the coast. The hour long journey, which can take several people per Jet Ski, if you’re a nervous pilot, will let you explore Jersey from the water – with a chance of seeing dolphins along the way. If that’s not your thing, then there’s speedboat trips water skiing and banana boat rides available as well.

jsy sea centre

4. Valley Adventure Centre

Back to some high energy activities, this time set in a secluded valley – which is exactly why it’s called “Valley Adventure Centre”. Home to aerial trekking, a massive zip wire, a “king swing” – a high off the ground swing big enough for three people – archery, a 12 metre climbing wall with 18 different routes, paintball (and a children’s version called “splatmaster”, which takes the pain out of paintball) and laser combat it’s a place to put your skills and nerve to the test. Have you a head for heights, could you make it as a marine, do you miss going on the swing? This is the place to answer all those questions, and more. Pre-booking is essential, so do be sure to log onto its website (www.valleyadventure.je) ensuring you don’t miss out.

valley adventure

5. Jersey Zoo

The immense success of hit ITV show The Durrells (based on the family which started the zoo) it’s referred to locally as “the jewel is Jersey’s crown) has lavished yet more international acclaim on this already world-famous centre. Started as the first ever conservation-themed zoo, it has gone on to become world-famous, and home to some of the planet’s rarest animals. Set over 32-acres, there are some 65 species to fill your photo albums with, including gorillas, orangutans, a Komodo dragon, Chilean flamingos and meerkats, so you can mention the advert.

The focus is conservation, and throughout you’ll learn just how the zoo is focusing on making all species thrive and fulfil its mission statement of saving species from extinction. Head along, learn and then play your part.

jersey zoo gorilla

There we have it, five completely different things to do in a tiny island, which, it turns out, is full of adventure.

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