Blue Islands’ gift of calm flying with New Year Freedom to Fly initiative

Blue Islands is once again offering islanders the chance to attend its Freedom to Fly course to conquer their phobias and enjoy air travel in 2020 and beyond. Freedom to Fly is an intimate course designed by Blue Islands for 20 delegates and proven to help those inhibited with the common fear of flying.

Rob Veron, CEO Blue Islands said, “We have previously offered our ‘Freedom to Fly’ courses in Guernsey and Jersey, both were hugely over-subscribed, pertinent to the number of Channel Islanders that have a very real and debilitating aversion to flying, so we are delighted to offer this again in the New Year. Our Freedom to Fly courses have changed the lives for many Channel Islanders. We received amazing feedback from previous courses, including someone was able to travel see family in Canada for the first time in years and for others it meant they were simply able get on a plane.”

The two-day course provided courtesy of Blue Islands will be held at Guernsey Airport on 14/15 March 2020. Delivered by Blue Islands’ flight training team and international behavioural change coach Mo Harford-Bury, the course consists of one day in the classroom followed by an experience flight on the second day to put what has been learnt into practice.

Mr Veron added, “We are lucky to live on our beautiful islands, but travel is essential, and we know a fear of flying can have an adverse effect on peoples’ lives. This is a time of year when many are making travel plans for 2020, whether it’s to see family, to enjoy off-island leisure experiences or as an essential element of a new career. However, for some a fear of flying affects their lives to a point where they are not able to enjoy experiences that others take for granted. Fears differ and affect individuals in various ways and stages before a flight, sometimes even discussing it causes anxiety to rise.”

Amanda attended the Guernsey course and has since been able to fly without any problems, “I was determined to do this course for my daughter's sake. I want to be able to go on holidays as a family. Even after I booked the course, I thought it was going to be very unlikely I would get on the plane. Saturday was so informative and reassuring. Blue Islands’ training captain was fantastic in explaining the ins and outs of a plane and flying. Mo Harford-Bury was an amazing speaker and really helped me to feel more comfortable about the whole experience.”

Apply for the ‘Freedom to Fly’ by 09 February 2020