Celebrate World Photography Day... find out the best Instagram spots across the Blue Islands Network

Whether it’s cool cities such as London or Bristol or the jaw dropping scenery on our home islands of Guernsey and Jersey - to celebrate World Photo Day we’d like to share a list not only of the some of the most Instagramable spots across our Blue Islands network, but also photos from fellow Instagrammers across the network who know a thing or two about great photos - for some travel inspiration, and ensure you get some extra likes of your travel snaps.


Clifton Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge: Image credit: dari0ss

Bristol Habour_gridlife

Bristol Harbour: Image credit: mygridlife

The charming and quaint harbour and Bristol University’s Botanical Gardens come close, but overall one of the most snapped spot is the epic Clifton Suspension Bridge, built 155 years ago spanning the breath-taking Avon Gorge and acts as a gateway between Bristol and North Somerset.


Breakwater lighthouse_iantoms7723 

Castle Pier Lighthouse: Image credit: Iantoms7723

Guernsey harbour_365

 Victoria Marina: Image credit: guernsey365

Like all the destination on the Blue Islands network, Guernsey offers a myriad of stunning Instagrammable spots to visit such as the charming castle Pier Lighthouse – walk along the promenade at the iconic and historic Castle Cornet to the lighthouse and get shots of the lighthouse against the stunning background of Guernsey’s neighbouring islands or the Castle itself. Followed by a visit the picturesque Victoria Marina in the heart of St Peter Port and get some snaps of Guernsey's charming capital.  



 La Corbière Lighthouse: Image credit: marcwhiteheadphotography

Portelet bay_jerseyKay1

Portelet Bay: Image credit: Jerseykay1 

As with Guernsey there is great number of picturesque locations in Jersey, with some of the most iconic being Portlet bay, La Corbière Lighthouse, Mont Orgueil Castle and Grosnez Castle. These all offer something different and can be spectacular during different seasons and times of day, for example a stormy shot at La Corbière Lighthouse can take one’s breath away as much as Portelet Bay can scintillate feelings of paradise. For those heading to Jersey in the near future will get a unique opportunity to take a selfie with a gorilla… and by that we mean the 50 gorilla installation artworks dotted across the island to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Jersey Zoo.


Jersey - London City

Unrivalled location means even before you’ve arrived you’ll see the iconic London Landmarks from a unique position - when landing on the Eastern Docklands runway..

 LCY aerial

Approach into London City Airport 

 Canary Wharf_visuallife

 Canary Wharf station: Image credit: thevisuallife_


The Shard: Image credit: Jdvre

Canary Wharf – the financial district of London, it is responsible for adding to the impressive skyline of East London and is only a stone’s throw away from London City Airport. Its name originates from its trade with the Canary Islands during its time as a shipping port. Canary Wharf station offers a setting for some great photo shots with its impressive architecture, particularly when illuminated at night or check out the Royal Victoria Docks nearby, other close by spots are the O2 arena,  Greenwich and The Shard - offering some epic views of London, as well as being an Insta’ worthy location within itself – that’s if you can get it all in in one shot.

 Guernsey - London Southend

 st Pauls_tomdingleyphoto

St Paul's Cathedral: Image credit: Tomdingleyphoto

In London there's an abundance of locations perfect for generating likes on your Instagram profile, but the classics include Big Ben, St Pauls Cathedral and Westminster. The approach to St Paul’s Cathedral over Millennium Bridge is a great opportunity to get some more notable Instagram spots on the way too, occasionally there is a hawker selling bubbles which could make the ideal post if timed right



New Forest_emmafbaines

New Forest Ponies: Image credit: emmafbaines

Bargate – England’s best-preserved medieval town and walls and the most popular destination for intsagrammers in Southampton, a monumental gateway to the city. The Old Town itself has over 90 listed buildings and more than 30 ancient monuments worth checking out too. And of course, travel a short distance for the stunning sights and natural wonders of the New Forest, where you can catch a glimpse of the treasured New Forest ponies.