Inter-island business travel schedule timing consultation


Blue Islands is re-launching its business travellers' inter-island schedule timing consultation survey after an inconclusive number of responses from the initial questionnaire.

Despite a seven-week period when people could respond, just 94 did so, including 10 who were not Channel Island based.

If you filled it in last time, you won't have to again and your responses will be counted.

Blue Islands is committed to sustainable and viable air lines. Recently we added more seats on peak morning and evening inter-islands services by using one of our larger ATR 72 aircraft on key business travelling days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This means 68 seats per flight, instead of 46. This meant making several schedule changes, and we wanted to know if they were working for you. Not enough people answered for us to be able to reach a firm conensus, so we are asking again as we really are committed to providing the most suitable service possible.

Demand varies hugely throughout the week, and our goal is to grow the market and ensure the schedule best meets the needs of our customers, while maintaining financial viability and long term sustainability.

A range of feasible options is included within the consultation, and if there is a large consensus to change, then that is what we will do.

This consultation is specifically aimed at the business community; we understand the significant role inter-island travel plays in leisure travel including sport and we are engaging with those markets seperately.

This survey closed 31 August 2017

Thank you