Survey - thank you 

Thank you 

Thank you for completing the Blue Islands survey on inter-island business travel as part of our commitment to providing sustainable and viable air links.

This consultation is specifically aimed at the business community; we understand the significant role inter-island travel plays in leisure travel including sport and will seek to engage with these markets separately.
Blue Islands continues to lobby the States of Guernsey and States of Jersey in respect of lower fees which would enable lower fares - these are the most expensive jurisdictions Blue Islands operate to
Blue Islands continues to negotiate with all suppliers, such as ground handling and fuel providers for improved terms
Blue Islands has invested in larger 68-seat aircraft to enable more people to travel at times the market has historically elected to travel
Blue Islands will publish the results of the survey in due course

While we can't provide a schedule that will meet the exact requirements of every individual traveller, Blue Islands is committed to offer a schedule that best meets the needs of the travelling public as a whole.