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In accordance with the latest advice from the States of Guernsey and Government of Jersey if you are flying to Guernsey or Jersey, please read the following pre-departure information.


Regions within the UK are now categorised into three bands (Green, Amber, Red) with different testing and isolation requirements when arriving into Jersey. This is part of the Jersey Government’s Safer Travel Policy. For any arrivals from the Green category, the requirement remains a simple free test on arrival at Jersey Airport.

  • Green - Day 0 PCR test: No requirement to self-isolate
  • Amber - Day 0 and Day 5 PCR test: Self-isolation until a second negative test result
  • Red - Day 0 PCR test: Mandatory 14-day self-isolation

The three-band system also applies to countries and regions outside of the UK. An updated list by region can be found here: countries and regions are risk assessed.

Passengers are required to disclose their travel history for the 14 days prior to arrival in Jersey, including country of departure, and any other countries or regions visited or will have visited in this 14-day period.

General advice for travelling to Jersey can be found here.

Everyone planning to travel to Jersey is required to complete an online registration form within 48 hours before departure.



If using same day return business travel enabled by the Business Tunnels scheme you are required to notify the States of Guernsey at least seven days prior to travel.

Notification must be given to the States of Guernsey Population Management Office by:

For normal travellers the normal quarantine rules for travel to Guernsey remains.

If you have any questions you can call the Blue Islands Customer Care team on:
01234 589 200

Mon-Sat: 08.00-18.00 | Sun 09.00-17.30

Enhanced wellbeing - fly with confidence

The continued safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew is always our highest priority which is why we have implemented enhanced wellbeing measures which includes passengers wearing face masks.

You will be exempt if you have a medical reason not to wear a face mask, written medical advice will be required, please inform us at check-in. Children under 6 years old are also exempt.

This is one element of a series of enhanced wellbeing measures we have implemented which include:

  • Microbe Shield surface protection in the cabin
  • Aircraft touch point sanitation procedures
  • Cabin air is continuously replenished with fresh air every 5 - 7 minutes, the cabin may be slightly cooler than normal, therefore you may wish to have a jumper to hand
  • Seat allocation to maximise the distance between passengers in the cabin where possible.
  • Reduced contact points, with the exception of safety cards, all seat-back literature has been removed and there is no inflight service

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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Aerospace Bristol

Aerospace Bristol

The Five Best Ways To Spend Your Time in Bristol

Check out the Blue Islands guide to what to get up to in Bristol over the coming months...

It’s said that if you talk quietly to a NASA engineer they’ll admit that putting a man on the moon was nothing compared to developing Concorde. Travelling at twice the speed of sound, military aircraft could only keep up by turning the afterburners on – before dropping back for lack of fuel. The ‘e’ caused a diplomatic rift between England and France, and its £1.6bn cost – more than 50 years ago – could buy the Royal Navy’s entire fleet of Type 31e frigates. Why do I mention all this? Well, because it’s good conversation for when you visit Aerospace Bristol – the new home of Concorde.

1. Aerospace Bristol

This gleaming icon takes centre stage at the museum, which also houses a true cornucopia of the most brilliant and amazing flying machines made in British history. The Concorde housed is the last ever to fly and this gorgeous machine is yours to explore, just without the usual Concorde ticket price, and while you can’t zip champagne on the edge of space, like passengers did, you can bag a selfie in front of it. Which they couldn't do. 

And that's just one of the truly incredible things to do in Bristol. But if aerospace ain't your thing, then fear not, because there's all this to do as well.

2. Aquarium

Starting with, the aquarium. Journey into the incredible underwater world via the 40 themed displays. There's everything from sea horses and puffer fish to sharks, stingrays and James Bond bad guy favourite, the piranhas. The Sunken Ship exhibit gives you the chance to learn more about the UK coastline while zipping into the Urban Jungle is a little slice of the Mediterranean. And if you've ever wanted to walk underwater but lacked the lung capacity, then they've just the thing: the underwater tunnel. Built through a reef it's your only chance to get up close and personal with a shark this side of a cage (some of which are leopard sharks, which are just spectacular to behold).

3. Wild Place Project

Next up is Wild Place Project, which promises three things: outdoor adventure, play and learning. And that's just the adults. With an emphasis on protecting threatened habitats you can meet animals from across the globe, right on your doorstep. Shoes and socks are banished on the barefoot trail, climb the scramble net in the Fun Fort or a relaxed stroll in the ancient woodland. But that's not the only reason to go: the Leap of Faith. With 12 different climbing challenges – including a 25ft giant swing – over the course of the hour it takes to complete, it's time to test those nerves.

4. Bristol Activity Centre

Something which will test your adrenaline reserves, the Bristol activity centre. The chance to play `bubble football', which is either depending on your point of view, either semi zorbing or football for the health and safety obsessed. Paintball, soft paintball (slower balls so it doesn't hurt as much) quad biking, airsoft and battlezone archery. Basically this paintball meets dodgeball sees you firing an arrow tipped with a soft ball instead of the life threatening spear, which makes any risk assessment for a company car easier to handle.

5. Wapping Wharf

End the day at Wapping Wharf, one of iconic brewer Wild Beers tap rooms. If you’ve seen a massive bottle of beer with the top dipped in wax, chances are it’s one of theirs. With 22 beers on tap, it is an epicentre of hop goodness. Handpicked staff beers in the fridge and everything from sharing platters to fish and chips on the menu, you’ll be sure to round off your day in Bristol with some of the best food (and beer) around.

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