Inter-island business travel schedule timing consultation

START SURVEY2As part of its commitment to providing sustainable and viable air links, Blue Islands has recently added more seats on its peak morning and evening inter-island flights by deploying a larger ATR 72 aircraft on the key business travel days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. To facilitate this increase in capacity to 68 seats per flight
rather than 46, several schedule changes have been implemented. 

Blue Islands is entirely motivated to see passenger numbers grow on the markets that it operates, in this respect Blue Islands are aligned with all stakeholders in Channel Islands air transport. Demand for travel between Guernsey and Jersey varies hugely throughout the week and is ever changing, as such Blue Islands continually monitors the market and strives to ensure the schedule is optimised to meet the evolving needs of travellers. In doing so, the objective is always to grow markets and improve the schedule offered to the market whilst maintaining financial viability and long term sustainability.

To further this cause, we would ask you to complete this consultation survey which has been distributed through respective Chamber of Commerce and IoD organisations in Guernsey and Jersey along with other business bodies and stakeholders. A range of operationally feasible morning and evening schedules are presented and we would ask that you select the option that best meets your individual business travel requirements.

This consultation is specifically aimed at the business community; we understand the significant role inter-island travel plays in leisure travel including sport and will seek to engage with these markets separately.

Closing date: Friday 26 May 2017

Thank you