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⚠ IMPORTANT UPDATE - New requirements for travel from Jersey 

Fully vaccinated adults and accompanying children aged 5+ will be required to present a negative PCR test before travelling and complete your States of Guernsey travel tracker. If you are not fully vaccinated, or are unable to meet the pre-travel PCR testing requirements, you will be a Category 4 arrival and required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Fully vaccinated?
  • No testing or isolation requirements for fully vaccinated passengers arriving in Guernsey from 1 July click here

Not fully vaccinated?

Passengers who are not fully vaccinated will be subject to Category requirements based on the regional classification below.

  • Category 1: Air bridge only, no isolation or testing requirements
  • Category 2: Arrival + Day 7 PCR test, (if still in Guernsey) Self-isolation until first negative test result
  • Category 3: Arrival + Day 7 PCR test, Self-isolation until Day 7 negative test result
  • Category 4: Arrival + Day 13 PCR test, Self-isolation until Day 14 

Click here for the latest regional classifications

Children travelling with fully vaccinated adults
  • Aged 11 or under: No testing or isolation requirements
  • Aged 12 - 17: PCR test on arrival and isolate until negative result (adults not required to isolate), followed
    by a Day 7 test (if still in Guernsey)

Children travelling with at least one adult who is not fully vaccinated
  • Regional categorisation will apply as above

All arrivals

Everyone travelling to Guernsey is required to complete a travel tracker prior to arrival in Guernsey:


Fully vaccinated?
  • Free PCR test on arrival - no isolation
Not fully vaccinated?
  • Free PCR test on arrival - isolate until negative test result
  • Age 11 to 17 - Free PCR test on arrival - isolate until negative test result
  • Age 10 or under - No testing or isolation requirements
All arrivals

Everyone travelling to Jersey, aged 11 or over, is required to complete an online registration form within 48 hours before departure.

Enhanced wellbeing - fly with confidence

The continued safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew is always our highest priority which is why we have implemented enhanced wellbeing measures which includes all customers aged 11 and above wearing face masks.

There is an exemption to the requirement for a face covering for customers with medical grounds, such as respiratory difficulties. If you meet the exemption requirements, you may be asked to present supporting government documentation

This is one element of a series of enhanced wellbeing measures we have implemented which include:

  • Microbe Shield surface protection in the cabin
  • Aircraft touch point sanitation procedures
  • Cabin air is continuously replenished with fresh air every 5 - 7 minutes, the cabin may be slightly cooler than normal, therefore you may wish to have a jumper to hand
  • Seat allocation to maximise the distance between passengers in the cabin where possible.
  • Reduced contact points, with the exception of safety cards, all seat-back literature has been removed and there is no inflight service

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

More information

For peace of mind, our flexible promise ensures you can change your flight without a change fee or choose a voucher should you be affected by a new change to travel classifications.  LEARN MORE >>

Discover a city dotted with secret places & attractions, from ancient bridges to tranquil hideaways to dolphin spotting in the harbour.


Aberdeen Gin Distillery

Tucked inside an historic railway arch, in the heart of Aberdeen, you will discover Aberdeen's gin distillery. Sample the magnificent gins produced here with tours and masterclasses on offer and a shop to buy some of your favourites. A visit wouldn’t be complete without trying the Rhubarb Gin!

Dolphin spotting

Jump aboard a boat at Aberdeen harbour and sail into the bay for a fun dolphin spotting excursion; look out for bottlenose dolphins, white beaked dolphins, risso dolphins and even minke whales. Or head to nearby Torry Battery and enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the resident marine life.

St Machar’s Cathedral

The exquisite architecture of Aberdeen doesn’t get much greater than St Machar’s Cathedral, a unique place of worship. From the mystery of whether William Wallace’s arm is embedded in the buildings walls to the age-old question over whether it is a real cathedral, it is full of secrecy. Unquestionable though is the beauty of this 15th Century building.

Old Aberdeen

Explore the weaving, windy streets of Old Aberdeen and discover incredible historic sites including Scotland’s third oldest university. Amble around this five hundred year old part of Aberdeen and come across student haunts, budget eateries and artisan cafes galore!

Aberdeen Beach

Head to Aberdeen’s classic beachfront, a stone’s throw from the city centre, and discover a beautiful seafront lined with shops, cafés and even an art-deco style ballroom. Enjoy an ice-cream and soak up the views or embark on a refreshing walk or run along the promenade from Footdee to the River Don.

Seaton Park

Get away from a bustling city life with an escape to the serenity of Seaton Park. Chill out amid stunning scenery, amble along leafy pathways and green open spaces and bask in one of Aberdeen's most peaceful hideouts.

Brig O’Balgownie

Nestled among the trees of Seaton Park lies a legendary medieval crossing. Dating back to the 13th century, the mystical bridge is steeped in folklore from tales of beheadings and witchcraft to bodysnatching. Walk along this ancient monument or if you dare, join the student tradition and jump into the river below!

Aberdeen Gin Distillery

Aberdeen Gin Distillery

Brig O’Balgownie

Brig O’Balgownie

Old Aberdeen

Old Aberdeen


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