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In accordance with the latest advice from the States of Guernsey and Government of Jersey if you are flying to Guernsey or Jersey, please read the following pre-departure information.


From Friday 20 November, all passengers arriving into Jersey from Green, Amber and Red regions of the UK will require triple PCR tests on Days 0, 5 and 10:

  • Green - Day 0, Day 5 & Day 10 PCR test: Self-isolation until Day 0 negative test result
  • Amber - Day 0, Day 5 & Day 10 PCR test: Self-isolation until Day 5 negative test result
  • Red - Day 0, Day 5 & Day 10 PCR test: Self-isolation until Day 10 negative test result

The three-band system also applies to countries and regions outside of the UK. An updated list by region can be found here: countries and regions are risk assessed.

Passengers are required to disclose their travel history for the 14 days prior to arrival in Jersey, including country of departure, and any other countries or regions visited or will have visited in this 14-day period.

General advice for travelling to Jersey can be found here.

Everyone planning to travel to Jersey is required to complete an online registration form within 48 hours before departure.


If you have any questions you can call the Blue Islands Customer Care team on:
01234 589 200

Mon-Fri: 09.00-17.30


The States of Guernsey has issued new travel restrictions, if you are planning to travel to the island on or after 14 January 2021, your journey must be for essential reasons. This means you need to apply for an Essential Travel Permit which you can do by going to Without this permit you may be denied entry, and may be prosecuted and fined up to £10,000.


General advice for travel to Guernsey can be found here, alternatively, please call the States of Guernsey Covid non-clinical helpline on 01481 717118.

Enhanced wellbeing - fly with confidence

The continued safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew is always our highest priority which is why we have implemented enhanced wellbeing measures which includes all customers aged 11 and above wearing face masks.

There is an exemption to the requirement for a face covering for customers with medical grounds, such as respiratory difficulties. If you meet the exemption requirements, you may be asked to present supporting government documentation

This is one element of a series of enhanced wellbeing measures we have implemented which include:

  • Microbe Shield surface protection in the cabin
  • Aircraft touch point sanitation procedures
  • Cabin air is continuously replenished with fresh air every 5 - 7 minutes, the cabin may be slightly cooler than normal, therefore you may wish to have a jumper to hand
  • Seat allocation to maximise the distance between passengers in the cabin where possible.
  • Reduced contact points, with the exception of safety cards, all seat-back literature has been removed and there is no inflight service

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

More information

From the Bronze Age Clava Cairns to Culloden Battlefield, location of the last, momentous conflict of the Jacobite Risings, you can step back in time at a range of astonishing places in and around the city…


Culloden Battlefield

Discover the compelling and emotive ground of the final Jacobite Rising – the last and most chilling battle to be fought in Britain. From the interactive visitor centre to the incredible exhibits to the immersive surround sound, you really will feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Clava Cairns

Explore a group of three Bronze Age cairns not far from Inverness. This prehistoric site dates back around 4,000 years but is almost perfectly preserved! Let the ancient history of Highland Scotland come to life as you roam this symbolic burial ground said to have been the inspiration behind tv’s Outlander series.

Fort George

Visit one of the mightiest artillery fortifications in Europe and gain an astonishing insight into 18th century battlements. Build by George II, Fort George, with its garrison buildings, artillery cannons and powerful collection of arms provide a wonderful and thought provoking historical day out.

The Highlanders’ Museum

Discover some 40,000 military artefacts in The Highlanders’ Museum, which can be found within Fort George, and learn about Highland Regiments from soon after the Battle of Culloden to the present day. See the historic barracks, explore the grand magazine, or head to the ramparts for a chance to spot dolphins in the shores beneath.

Inverness Castle

Visit the grounds of one of Inverness’ most significant historic buildings. Inverness Castle prominently sits on a hill above the River Ness, a beautiful red sandstone structure which was built in the Victorian era to replace a medieval fortress destroyed by the Jacobites in 1746. A must-see when in Inverness.

Clootie Well, Munlochy

Seek out the Munlochy Well, an old pilgrimage site where the trees are adorned with brightly coloured pieces of cloth. People used to visit such wells where they would wet a cloth in the water, tie it to a tree branch and pray to the spirits and goddesses in pre-Christian times, and later to saints.

Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle


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