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  • There are no testing or isolation requirements for fully vaccinated and unvaccinated arrivals from the Common Travel Area (CTA)
  • Fully vaccinated arrivals from outside of the CTA aged 12 or over (including transits through the UK) will need to purchase a pack of Lateral Flow Tests (£25) on arrival and complete the course of tests over 10 days
  • Arrivals from outside of the CTA aged 12 or over (including transits through the UK) who are not fully vaccinated will need to complete a PCR test on arrival and on Day 8, and isolate until you receive a negative result from the Day 8 test
  • Guernsey will mirror countries on the UK's red list

Everyone travelling to Guernsey is required to complete a travel tracker prior to arrival in Guernsey

See for more information.


  • There are no testing or self-isolation requirements if you meet any of the following criteria:
    • Fully vaccinated arrivals*
    • Evidence of approved pre-departure negative test
    • Recently recovered previous positive (RP)
  • Non-vaccinated arrivals will require a free PCR test and will need to isolate until negative test result
  • Children aged 10 or under do not need to complete a travel form, undergo testing or isolation

Everyone travelling to Jersey, aged 11 or over, is required to complete an online registration form within 48 hours before departure.

*To be considered 'fully vaccinated'

  • arriving adults will need to have had 3 vaccine doses (two initial doses + booster) at least two weeks prior to arrival
  • Children aged 11 or over are ‘fully vaccinated’ with two initial vaccine doses at least two weeks prior to arrival.

See for more information

Register online

Complete a travel tracker
within 48 hours prior to arrival

No testing or Isolation

No testing or isolation
Regardless of vaccination status

Going home

No need to be tested or isolate
when returning to the UK


Please see our guide below for covid and coronavirus travel advice as of 27 October:

All visitors - fully vaccinated & unvaccinated
  • There are no testing or self-isolation requirements for arrivals into Guernsey who have only been in the Common Travel Area (CTA) in the previous 10 days click here


Prior to departures
  • All visitors to Guernsey aged 12 and over will need to need to create a Travel Tracker account, please click here.


Travelled outside the CTA in the past 10 days?
  • Fully vaccinated visitors - Lateral Flow Test (LFT) on arrival and then every other day, no isolation required
  • Unvaccinated visitors - PCR test on arrival and day 8, isolate until day 8 negative result

See for full details.


Returning to the UK

As Guernsey is in the Common Travel Area, there is no testing or isolation required upon returning to the UK, see for more details.


If you have any questions you can call the Blue Islands Customer Care team on: or 01234 589 200 (Call Centre open Mon-Fri: 09.00-17.30, Sat & Sun: 10.00-16.00).

Visit Guernsey has created your holiday checklists:

  1. Before you arrive
  2. Travel requirements

Travel policies are subject to change, for the latest information see


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