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Get data anywhere

Blue Islands eSIMs - Powered by Breeze; data plans to stay connected anywhere and save on roaming charges:

Data roaming solved

Whether travelling in the UK, Europe or beyond, with a Blue Islands eSIM - Powered by Breeze, Jersey and Guernsey residents no longer have to turn off data or continually find Wi-Fi when travelling to save on roaming charges.

Stay in touch, book restaurants, taxis and other activities! It's also great if you are visiting Jersey or Guernsey.

✓ Data plans and durations to suit needs

✓ eSIM is an "embedded SIM" which is easy to download and activate on your device, with instant access to data 

✓ No need to hunt for Wi-Fi connections when travelling

✓ Total control of data, without any surprise bills

✓ All unlocked iPhones from the XS up (2018) and most Android phones support the use of an eSIM. For a full list of supported devices click here.

Why choose an eSIM?

Download to phone

Install & activate instantly

Save on data roaming

And stay connected 

Wherever you are

eSIMS for over 150 countries

Data plans to suit you

From 1GB for 7 days & top up as needed

We have the perfect data plan for you

Jersey travel bundle


7 day bundle


30 day bundle


30 day bundle


30 day bundle


30 day bundle

Good to know

To purchase an eSIM, click the link above and enter your travel destination in the search bar to find the ideal eSIM for you.

A large range of mobile devices support eSIM technology including Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft. For a full list of compatible devices, click here.

We recommend activating your eSIM while you travel to ensure that your data bundle will not be started before you need it.

Yes. You can top up your current eSIM with additional bundles which will be queued up until you travel to the country the bundle is valid for, so you can travel between regions without changing your active eSIM.

You can select which SIM to enable or disable in your device's mobile data settings. By switching Data Roaming on for your eSIM but switching it off for your regular SIM, you will ensure the eSIM is used when travelling.

Make sure your eSIM is set as the preferred SIM for mobile data.

You can keep track of your eSIM status and usage in your account. Sign up with the email address you used to purchase the eSIM to link it to your account.

You can enable text messages and email notifications for data usage in your account's notification settings. This will tell you when you have used 50%, 80% and 100% of your bundle's data.

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