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Joe Redmond

Joe Redmond

Welcome home Joe

Many of you will have been following the story of little Joe Redmond, one of the bravest boys in Jersey. Eight months after he began his treatment at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital for a lifesaving bone marrow transplant, Joe is now back home in Jersey.

During that time, Joe has lived in quarantine in the hospital with his parents splitting shifts between Manchester and Jersey, where Joe's sister Holly is at school. Joe has amazed doctors with his speedy recovery, which is set to continue until the end of the year.

Joe truly captured the hearts of Islanders, who raised £51,000 to support him and his family through his lifesaving transplant. Now Joe has moved back home permanently, reuniting his family who have spent the last eight months apart.

Blue Islands were pleased to help by giving the family free flights between Jersey and Manchester for Joe and his family whilst he was in hospital. Joe will still have to return to Manchester every month for blood tests, his appointments then reducing to every three months and then twice a year. These flights will also be given by Blue Islands,

Joe has come on leaps and bounds since returning to Jersey and surpassing all expectations. Joe can now eat normally and no longer through a tube is back to school and enjoying every minute of his newfound appetite and making lots of new friends at school.

Hundreds of Islanders followed Joe's journey on facebook, lovingly updated by his father Peter, those who supported the family were able to follow his recovery. Recently Peter posted words of thanks to all those who have supported the family on Joe's 4th birthday.

This time last year on Joe's birthday Trish and I played with Holly and Joe on the beach wondering what the year ahead had in store for our family. We never imagined that we would be back together to celebrate Joe's 4th birthday. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed Joe's journey, for your support, encouragement and positive caring comments. It has been a huge source of comfort and emotional support to us.

Although Joe still has a long way to go until he regains full fitness, I sincerely hope that you can take something positive away from sharing Joe's bone marrow transplant journey with our family.

Last Christmas, the Redmond's did not know what lay ahead for their family, a year on they are looking forward to celebrating the festivities together.

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