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  • Arrivals from the Common Travel Area (CTA) aged 12 and over will need to purchase a pack of Lateral Flow Tests (£25) on arrival and complete the course of tests over 10 days
  • Fully vaccinated arrivals from outside of the CTA (including transits through the UK) will be required to complete a PCR test on arrival and isolate until you received a negative result 
  • Arrivals from outside of the CTA aged 12 or over (including transits through the UK) who are not fully vaccinated will need to complete a PCR test on arrival and on Day 8, and isolate until you receive a negative result from the Day 8 test
  • Guernsey will mirror countries on the UK's red list

Everyone travelling to Guernsey is required to complete a travel tracker prior to arrival in Guernsey

See for more information.


  • No testing or self-isolation requirements for fully vaccinated arrivals with a 10-day travel history which is within the Common Travel Area (CTA)
  • Arrivals, regardless of vaccination status, with a travel history that includes countries outside of the CTA within the last 10 days will require a PCR test and will need to isolate until negative test result
  • Arriving passengers that are not fully vaccinated* regardless of travel history will require a free PCR test on arrival - and isolate until negative test result
  • Children aged 10 or under do not need to complete a travel form, undergo testing or isolation
  • Children aged 11 or over need to complete a travel form

Everyone travelling to Jersey, aged 11 or over, is required to complete an online registration form within 48 hours before departure.

*Temporary measures from 4 January 2022
  • To be considered 'fully vaccinated' arriving adults will need to have had 3 vaccine doses (two initial doses + booster) at least two weeks prior to arrival
  • Children aged 11 or over are ‘fully vaccinated’ with two initial vaccine doses at least two weeks prior to arrival.
  • Evidence of previous Covid infection no longer accepted to avoid PCR test on arrival if required 
  • Masks will become mandatory in indoor public places

See for more information

Kitchen Inferno

Can't stand the heat?

At Michelin starred chef Shaun Rankin's kithcen Inferno event, two teams of novice chefs battled it out over the ovens, raising money for Jersey Cheshire Home as they cooked up a storm. Rankin had his work cut out when he had to direct the two teams as they prepared a feast for their discerning guests. Which menu would the guests choose? And which team - red or blue -would deliver on the night?

The Blue Islands team - in blue, of course - was captained by our very own Rob Veron, supported by Jersey personalities Hannah Jacques, David Lord, Peter Mac, Harry McRandle, Sally MintyGravett and Kevin Pamplin. Highlands Academy student chef Rebecca De Sousa was on hand to assist. The red Airtel-Vodafone team were led by Tim Bond, accompanied by Sophia Bird, Ben Davies, James Filleul, Brian McCarthy, Peter Shirreffs and Derek Warwick - ably supported by student chef Nathan Vibert.

Preparation began long before the event itself, as the teams got together to create their menus. The fact that they were not professional chefs did not stop either cohort from deciding on ambitious dishes: both menus featured two choices of starters, mains and desserts and were a far cry from home cooking. Highlights of the red team's menu included ceviche tuna, roasted canon of lamb and chocolate fondant with pistachio ice cream and brittle. The blue team promised delights such as beetroot carpaccio, Asian monkfish en papillote and classic lemon tart with basil sorbet.

As the would-be chefs started prepping their concoctions, Shaun warned them that he expected them to keep their workspace clean and tidy and impressed upon them that '90% of cooking is about organisation.' Following a slip of the knife, Blue Islands captain Rob Veron was soon accessorising his chef's whites with a little extra blue - in the form of catering plasters - but his team emerged victorious when the scores from the 50 diners and Shaun were combined.

Rob was thrilled when the blue team won and the experience certainly opened his eyes to the fact that a chef's role is a challenging one.

It was one of the most testing days of my life, but also one of the most amazing things I have ever done," he said. "For our team to win really was the icing on the cake. It has given me a wonderful insight into how hard a successful kitchen needs to work, with such precise timings and a great deal of teamwork. I'd like to thank Shaun for his guidance and support throughout the experience and say a huge thank you and congratulations to the rest of the team.

Shaun added:

It's been a turbulent and awe-inspiring night. The teams really gave it their all; I don't know if they had any idea how challenging it would be. I take my hat off to both teams but the Blue Islands Team and their leader Rob Veron were the champions, it was teamwork that really pulled them through. There's literally been blood, sweat and tears but everyone is so proud of what has been achieved on behalf of Jersey Cheshire Home.

Money raised from Shaun Rankin's Kitchen Inferno will go towards Le Masurier Managing Director Brian McCarthy's Sponsorship. His efforts have already helped to raise over £15,000 so far this year for Jersey Cheshire Home.

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