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  • There are no testing or isolation requirements for fully vaccinated and unvaccinated arrivals from the Common Travel Area (CTA)
  • Fully vaccinated arrivals from outside of the CTA aged 12 or over (including transits through the UK) will need to purchase a pack of Lateral Flow Tests (£25) on arrival and complete the course of tests over 10 days
  • Arrivals from outside of the CTA aged 12 or over (including transits through the UK) who are not fully vaccinated will need to complete a PCR test on arrival and on Day 8, and isolate until you receive a negative result from the Day 8 test
  • Guernsey will mirror countries on the UK's red list

Everyone travelling to Guernsey is required to complete a travel tracker prior to arrival in Guernsey

See for more information.


  • There are no testing or self-isolation requirements if you meet any of the following criteria:
    • Fully vaccinated arrivals*
    • Evidence of approved pre-departure negative test
    • Recently recovered previous positive (RP)
  • Non-vaccinated arrivals will require a free PCR test and will need to isolate until negative test result
  • Children aged 10 or under do not need to complete a travel form, undergo testing or isolation

Everyone travelling to Jersey, aged 11 or over, is required to complete an online registration form within 48 hours before departure.

*To be considered 'fully vaccinated'

  • arriving adults will need to have had 3 vaccine doses (two initial doses + booster) at least two weeks prior to arrival
  • Children aged 11 or over are ‘fully vaccinated’ with two initial vaccine doses at least two weeks prior to arrival.

See for more information

Guernsey WW1 Veterans

90th anniversary pilgrimage to respect the memories of those from Guernsey who fought in WWI

A group of six, ex-service and Royal British Legion members will represent Guernsey at the Great Pilgrimage 90 to remember those who fought and lost their lives in World War I.

In 1928, a decade after the end of WWI, the British Legion (as it was then known) organised for 11,000 veterans and war widows to visit the battlefields of the Somme and Ypres before marching to the Menin Gate. Exactly 90 years later wreath and Standard bearers will march through the famous Menin Gate in Ypres to commemorate the Last 100 Days of WWI.

The group and their wives who each have connections with the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry (RGLI), will join thousands of other Royal British Legion representatives, those from other Legions and members of the public at this tour of battlefields, memorials and cemeteries including Lys, which was the frontline for the RGLI, where they suffered heavy losses.

Organiser Paddy Craig joined the army as a boy at 16, he spent the first five years serving for the Royal Irish Rangers, whose forefathers were the Royal Irish Regiment who fought along-side their colleagues in the RGLI during WWI, he then served a further 12 years with The Royal Engineers. Mr Craig said,

It is my duty to respect the memory of these gallant men that fought and died in defence of the realm. We are proud to be representing the Guernsey branch of the Royal British Legion and the RGLI, which has been made possible thanks to the support of Blue Islands.

Nathan Thomas, who has been involved in the RGLI memorial parades, including taking the Standard to the memorial at Les Rue Vertes in Masniere last year added,

During the pilgrimage I will be particularly thinking of my family members who served during WWI, this includes the De Carteret members of my family who served with the Royal Irish Regiment.

Rob Veron, Blue Islands CEO said,

There were many from Guernsey who sacrificed so much in WWI through the RGLI and with assignments to other British Army regiments. All of the team here at Blue Islands are proud to ensure our Channel Islands are represented at the Great Pilgrimage 90 remembrance ceremony.

Great Pilgrimage 90 will be the Royal British Legion’s biggest event in modern history. The group also includes:

  • Geoff Browning, also served with The Royal Engineers and has been involved in local parades for over 20 years. Geoff hopes to locate some of the memorials of those listed on the Grammar School’s Roll of Honour Board which commemorates those from Guernsey who fell in WWI.
  • Rob Grant who served with 1st Battalion Royal Hampshire Regiment which saw extensive service in WWI, fighting at all the major battles and whose Grandfather also fought in WWI. Rob is travelling with his wife Zoe, whose forefathers died in WWI.
  • Andrew Henton is an expert on the history of the RGLI and is involved with RGLI re-enactments and the Guernsey Military Vehicle Group.

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