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All arrivals - fully vaccinated and unvaccinated
  • All passengers arriving in Guernsey from 4 October are required to take a lateral flow test (LFT) on arrival and then every other day during their stay, with no isolation requirements click here
  • Everyone travelling to Guernsey is required to complete a travel tracker prior to arrival in Guernsey

NB. From 20 October Lateral Flow Tests will no longer be a requirement



Fully vaccinated?
  • Free PCR test on arrival - no isolation
Not fully vaccinated?
  • Free PCR test on arrival - isolate until negative test result
  • Age 11 to 17 - Free PCR test on arrival - isolate until negative test result
  • Age 10 or under - No testing or isolation requirements
All arrivals

Everyone travelling to Jersey, aged 11 or over, is required to complete an online registration form within 48 hours before departure.


Guernsey - Jersey flights increase


Blue Islands is committed to providing the best possible connectivity for Jersey, both to Guernsey and across our UK network and are proud to have been able to offer lifeline services through the duration of the pandemic. We must however continue to balance the need and desire for connectivity with demand for travel and the financial sustainability of the services we offer.

This is a challenging balance to strike, especially throughout the pandemic when it has been extremely difficult to forecast demand and establish with any certainty when markets will return sufficiently to justify higher frequency services on the routes we operate. We do however continue to monitor this demand and will react to market demand where possible and are pleased to see that demand is returning.

Blue Islands currently operates four flights between the islands each day from Monday to Friday, and we are encouraged to see passenger volumes continue to grow as our customers reconnect with colleagues, clients and friends across the islands. Against this backdrop, we have added day return travel options from Jersey to Guernsey on Wednesdays from 6 October to 27 October inclusive.

We are also pleased to confirm that from Monday 1 November, Blue Islands will operate six flights per day between the islands from Monday to Friday, with convenient morning and evening timings in both directions as well as a middle of the day travel option.


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